How to Search for Notes

1.Go to the NotesVilla Website

The first step is to head over to the NotesVilla website at NotesVilla is a company that was created with your time management needs in mind. We understand just how busy the lives of students and professional learners can be, so we’re committed to making your life simpler by bringing the very best study notes together in one convenient location. And by heading to our website, you’ll be able to access these helpful, time-saving materials.

2.Click on the Notes Tab

Once you’ve reached our homepage, click on the notes tab. You’ll find this tab in the middle of the banner located at the top of our website. Simply look for the magnifying glass icon with the word notes directly beside it. Once you’ve located it, click on the tab, and you will be brought to our study notes page.

3.Input Your Search Terms

On our study notes webpage, we’ve included a banner that has three search bar options for your convenience. In the search bar on the far left-hand side, you can input general search terms such as the name of a specific class or a subject area. The second search bar option is included in the middle of the banner. Here you can search for notes by school. And there are many colleges and universities around the world to choose from. The third search bar option is located on the far right-hand side of the banner. In this search bar, you can search for notes by subject area. Once you have input your search terms into any of the three search bar options, simply hit the enter key on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon with your mouse. The notes that match your search terms will then appear below.

4.Use the Advanced Search Feature

If you need additional search features to narrow down your search, we have made those available to you in the advanced search section. You can find the advanced search section directly below the three search bars in the banner. By clicking the advanced search dropdown, three new search bars will appear. The search bar on the far left is for inputting your country. The search bar in the middle is for choosing your academic level. And the search bar on the far right is for choosing your current title.

5.Click the Sorting Dropdown

On the far left side of your screen is a sorting dropdown option. By clicking here, you can sort the available notes by popularity, rating, or upload date.

6.Select the Load More Button

As you scroll through the available notes, you’ll find a load more button in the bottom left corner. Clicking this button will load more notes onto your screen, giving you more options to choose from.

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