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Krishna Prasad, an eminent professor at NotesVilla, holds an MSc in Physics and an MBA. He has taught over 3500 students who have excelled in various careers such as Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Kerala Government Services, and Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre Trivandrum. His expertise in Physics has enabled him to create resources that are ideal for students looking to study Physics from scratch, complete their undergraduate studies, or revise for their GCSE exams. Krishna Prasad's passion for Physics and his desire to help others have led him to create free study notes and lecture notes for students. He is also available to help students struggling with science problems or Physics questions.

So, whether you are studying Physics for the first time, looking for science revision notes to help you complete your undergraduate Physics studies, or whether you need help with some revision for science GCSE questions, Krishna Prasad has created resources that will be ideal for you.

Invaluable Science Resources from NotesVilla

Resources that Krishna Prasad has uploaded to our NotesVilla study site includes notes on


Electricity and magnetism



Anatomy and Physiology


Organic Chemistry

and many more ….

Apart from his teaching and writing commitments, Krishna Prasad is also involved in raising funds for his local community. NotesVilla has supported VKSM charity initiatives and donated to cleft reconstructive surgery, kidney transplants, orthopaedic rehabilitation, diabetic, and cardiac management.

Krishna Prasad believes that studying Physics is more important than ever, as it develops strong analytical skills, turns students into expert problem solvers, and provides collaboration opportunities. One of our NotesVilla editors recently caught up Krishna Prasad and asked him where his passion for Physics came from and whether he thinks it is a good subject to study in this time of change.

This is what he said:

“Because I am fascinated by natural phenomena and have a curious mind, I love Physics. As a boy I never stopped asking questions about how the world worked, so it makes sense that I went on to become a Professor of Science. I also love to help people, so sharing my learning in teaching was a natural progression and enabled me to share my knowledge about the topics that fascinated me.

Studying and understanding Physics is more important than it has ever been. Physics students learn the skill set that is attractive to a wide range of employers. Firstly, completing a physics degree turns you into an expert problem solver. It also makes you an expert in technical writing and provides wonderful collaboration opportunities. Breaking down problems into its component parts and analysing data and completing experiments to arrive at a solution with like-minded people is what dreams are made of!

Physics majors' students develop strong analytical skills which will successfully prepare them for employment in a vast array of industries. I’m hoping that my free study notes and lecture notes will be downloaded by future astronomers, clinical scientists, lecturers, nanotechnologists, radiation protection practitioners, research scientists, teachers and engineers. And that’s just a few of the careers a physics degree can open doors to.”

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Physics students earn high salaries and achieve great benefits. More importantly for NotesVilla, we believe that Physics research is crucial in improving humanity.

Take advantage of these free study notes. NotesVilla believes in helping students to fulfil their dreams and achieving their career goals.

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