The Benefits of Developing a NotesVilla Author's Profile

The How and Why of Developing a NotesVilla Personal Profile

We at NotesVilla are often asked by our authors why we request that they share their name, status and educational background on the upload form and shared study notes. 

 For us, it is simple – showing where our resources come from demonstrates our integrity. We pride ourselves on sharing original work. Our resources are aimed primarily for those in higher education and academia and, unlike our competitors, we at NotesVilla, believe it is important to be completely transparent about who created our high-quality study notes and revision materials.

We are proud to promote our wonderful authors and the notes that they’ve created.  

So that’s the ‘nutshell’ version. We need to demonstrate our integrity Creating a unique author profile brings many other benefits that will help you get the most out of the learning platform. 

Reasons to create a unique author profile 

1)   It makes it easy to match authors who are selling their notes to buyers who need them. Our students have many different learning needs. If they find an author who provides content they require then they will head straight to them and buy their products. The author will increase their sales and gain more rewards, and credits.

2)   It is beneficial to an author to develop an outstanding academic reputation. Many authors submit lots of notes, yet users don’t readily see whose expertise they are tapping into. An excellent online reputation brings with it a high profile leading to numerous career opportunities.

3)   Creating a NotesVilla author profile demonstrates your professionalism. In turn this will increase your productivity and sales. Students will want to buy study notes from a professional who clearly knows what they are doing and writing about!

4)   Linked to the above: being unwilling to create an author profile suggests the author lacks belief in the value of their own study notes and revision materials. Users won’t buy notes if they think their creator doesn’t rate them highly enough to put their name to them! Your online footprint represents you, so you cannot afford it to become sloppy or negative.

5)   Presenting a profile which specializes in a specific educational field or area of study is a great way of networking with like minded people. Authors will become known as an expert in a particular field of study. In effect you are creating a brand that can be tapped into leading who knows where …

6)   It’s fun to create an online persona, demonstrating your academic passions and expertise. Attaching a personality to a dry document can be all that is needed to encourage and motivate students to buy the study materials. 

7)   It’s good for your resume. NotesVilla is a renowned learning platform with a wonderful reputation and a site of excellence. Having your name associated with it, will be extremely beneficial for your CV. Think of your Notes Villa profile as an active CV where you can showcase your skills, expertise, and experience. 

NotesVilla provides the platform on which our authors can shine and our buyers can expand and develop their learning. It is less personal than Facebook, more informative than Twitter and more specialized than LinkedIn. 

How to Create a Professional Personal Portfolio on NotesVilla

1) Use a professional photograph. Have a solid colour background, good illumination, and a smile. It matters that you appear personable. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words.

2) Demonstrate your expertise. Share your experience in academia and include a description of what your day job involves. This may be tutoring, lecturing, lab work or attending lectures. Write a title which sums up what you do and aspire to doing. 

3) Be brief and direct and use keywords to help users search for your profile. A recommended structure is name / keyword +job title + affiliation / file of specialization. For example, “Ted Trump / Energy Systems Professor at Middlesex University.

4) Write a brief career story. Avoid jargon and be relatable, so it is easy for people to understand your background and perspective. Share your experience in a designated discipline or section. A great advantage of this platform is that it has space for you to give short explanations of academy projects rather than just headlines and points. Ensure you show your strengths. 

5) Add volunteering activities. This will highlight your interests and allow others to see what you care about. You could share your experience as a tutor or mentor or your involvement in the activities of MGOs and university societies. This is particularly useful if you are a PHD or Undergraduate student and don’t have any external work experience.

6) Showcase examples of good work. You can share original slides, papers, links, or other content to showcase who you are and what you are knowledgeable in. 

7) Post new content regularly, as this will be displayed in your profile page. Demonstrate your passion, your integrity and your skills and be part of the Notes Villa global community.

   So you have the why it is important to create a strong personal profile on NotesVilla and you also have tips on how to optimize your NotesVilla profile as an academic. 

All that is left is to take a few moments to complete your profile. Take advantage of the personal side of NotesVilla and share upcoming successes you are having. If you’ve finally had a paper accepted, tell us your news. If you’d like more information about creating or marketing your NotesVilla personal profile get in touch. We welcome you being one of NotesVilla’s ambassadors.

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