How to Earn and Redeem NotesVilla Credits

Notesvilla Rewards credits program is an innovative platform that helps students to earn and redeem for vouchers and cash.

Part of our mission at NotesVilla is that we understand you’re already busy juggling classes and preparing for your next major phase in life. We don’t want to add to that, and have built a simple flow for all users to simply focus on earning those rewards!

What are Reward Credits?

A reward credit is a perk or discount offered by NotesVilla to users each time they buy, sell, or commit to the platform continuously. You earn credits by uploading and selling study notes and lecture notes. The more you use it higher tiers can be achieved, which will increase the rewards you can get!

How are Reward Credits Awarded?

Reward credits will be awarded based on a percentage of the value of the purchase. To determine the total number of credits to be given to each user for their transaction, we have a "Rewards Calculator" to help easily let you know how that purchase converts into rewards. 

Remember, there’s no cap, so the sky’s the limit! As long as you keep submitting study notes and they are bought, you earn!

How can I earn Reward Credits?

Our free signup already comes with some Rewards Credits. You can also recommend friends to gain some as well. This is all before having to take any other action!

Then, for each study note and lecture note you sell, you will also earn an extra reward of 1 per note sold for 10 credits or 3 per note bought for 10 credits. In simple terms, if your notes are bought for 80 credits, you will receive 8 reward credits. However, if you purchase notes with a value of 80 Credits, you will receive 24 reward credits. Once you have earned sufficient reward credits, they will be converted into promotion codes.

You're already a diligent note-taker, you might as well earn from it as well! It also doesn't stop you from purchasing notes yourselves sometimes. Maybe your fellow classmates found a more efficient way to present certain subject material. Either way, you can either sell or buy!

How much are Reward Credits worth?

Every reward credit is worth 1p to spend on NotesVilla, so 500 credits are equivalent to a promotion code of £5 to spend in NotesVilla Library. Reward Credits can sometimes be exchanged at higher rates with our partner promotions. This can sometimes be as high as 3x the amount, meaning your £5 worth of credits can be worth up to £15 with some of our generous partners.

How do I see my Reward Credits balance?

You can check your reward credits balance by selecting “Get Rewards” from your profile menu or by simply entering into your browser.

How do I redeem my rewards credits?

First, you need to hit 150 credits. Then you can redeem them in two different ways.

  • The reward credits scheme allows you to request promotional codes for your entire balance (rounded down to the nearest 10 credits). Promotional codes allow you to buy notes on NotesVilla website by providing a discount on certain items. The discount associated with the code can take money off individual notes or the total order. The discount is a specific credit amount. To get them, log in to your online account and request to turn your points into promotion codes/vouchers. They'll be emailed to your account within 24 hours. The promo codes can be used to apply discounts on the NotesVilla Notes Library online.
  • They can also be used for promotional offers with our Reward Partners. Promotional offers can be used to give you a money-off discount on products or services or be used to claim a gift provided by our reward partners. For example, offers "Get beautiful photo prints, fridge magnets or photobooks with discount!", provides 30% off or 12 free magnets for 15 reward credits.  The amount will be deducted from your balance and converted either to 30% redeemable cash value or 12 free magnets gifts for 15 reward credits. To get them, log in to your online account and go to the rewards page and select a promotional offer of your choice. 

NotesVilla Reward Credits can expire!

Not really drawbacks, but some things to consider when using NotesVilla. NotesVilla will deactivate your account if it's unused for more than 1 year. Most vouchers have an expiry of two years as well, although you can find the exact expiry date on your voucher.

Need to Know about Rewards Credits

For any offer that involves free credit, the general rules below apply:

  • Reward credits/promotion codes are non-refundable and once converted or used to purchase notes at a discounted rate. 
  • Reward credits promotions and offers are generally valid for up to 21 months from the date on which you choose to convert your credits into a promotional code.
  • Reward credits expire 30 Days Past Due should be your account be CANCELLED. All credits are reset to zero.
  • Reward credit referral offer is limited to one per customer and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Reward credits can be only used on NotesVilla platform provided the value of the reward credit doesn't exceed the maximum amount on your account balance.
  • Reward credits cannot be withdrawn as actual currency.

Note: NotesVilla reserves the right to amend or withdraw any promotion at any point for whatever reason.

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