About Us

As a young child, IT Specialist, Zain Elhassan, developed a true passion for discovering how things work. From the computers that filled an entire floor in his father’s chemical engineering office to the inner workings of human behaviour, Zain often found himself searching out new information on a variety of topics—even from an early age.

Eventually, the young boy who once sat down with his Professor Emeritus father for maths and science help grew up to be a man. And he suddenly found himself sitting down with his father yet again, this time to understand the inner workings of higher education, including the many challenges that students and educators face today in our very technology-driven world.

As a result of multiple conversations between Zain and his well-renowned father, NotesVilla was first conceptualised in Henley-on-Thames, UK in 2018. Understanding just how important polished notes and course materials are for both the student and educator experience, Zain began searching for readily available resources online. But he found that niche to be utterly lacking because of the highly competitive nature of prestigious college and university students and educators as well as concerns of intellectual property infringement.

So, Zain set out to work—developing a simple platform where both students and educators can come together to establish a sense of community and share high-quality information with each other to obtain better academic results for everyone.

NotesVilla is the product of those inspiring conversations with his father. And ever since its conception, the NotesVilla team has been working hard—building, testing, and refining the tool you’re currently using today.

Notesvilla team

Dr Ahmed Elhassan

Ahmed is a well-renowned Professor Emeritus with over 30 years of experience in academia. After earning his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M, Ahmed had an illustrious career specializing in lecturing and curriculum development. Today, he is the Chair of NotesVilla. For more information about Dr Elhassan, check out his LinkedIn profile.

Tim Sumner

Tim is an accomplished professional in both the business and education sectors. After earning his master’s degree in Business Administration, Tim gained extensive experience working in the fields of IT, Business, Education, and Consulting. Today, he is the Managing Director for NotesVilla, and he aspires to become a professor after his days in industry. To find out more about Tim, please visit his LinkedIn Profile.

Zain Elhassan

Zain is an IT Specialist with a lifelong love for learning. After discovering his passion for higher education, he set out to build a learning platform that would benefit everyone in academia, both educators and students alike. Today, he is the Founder and Head of Operations for NotesVilla. To find out more about Zain, please visit his LinkedIn Profile.

Danielle Thompson

Danielle is a Marketing Specialist and the Owner of a personal assistant service company. She is passionate about writing compelling social media and marketing campaigns. Today, she is the Marketing Specialist for NotesVilla. To learn more about Danielle, look at her LinkedIn profile.

Tomas Bajer

Tomas is a strategic genius with a highly technical and analytic mind. He enjoys identifying and defining market opportunities for new products. Today, he is the product Manager for NotesVilla. To learn more about Tomas, look at his LinkedIn profile.

Bishoy Magdi

Bishoy is an editorial guru who loves to make sure that educational resources are high-quality, original, and interesting for educators and students alike. Today, he is part of the Editorial Team for NotesVilla. To learn more about Bishoy, look at his LinkedIn profile.