Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the notes you upload must belong to you and notes from your Professor/Lecturer are their intellectual property and cannot be uploaded. This is classed as plagiarism.

Of course, we prefer the notes on the system to be as current as possible and therefore can be uploaded at any point during your degree course.

No, as complete pieces like this encourage plagiarism and it is therefore not allowed. Notes uploaded should still allow for reader interpretation and reasoning.

Word, Excel, PPT, PDF.

The description is how people will find your notes in order to download them so you should put as much information in as possible – the university/college you attend, the subject, the course and a bit about the content.

No, but NotesVilla will refund your purchase on the Study Note if it is not possible to download and/or the Study Note is demonstrably defect due to an error in the Platform.

All purchases are non-refundable. Contact the seller first to ascertain the issue. NotesVilla will only refund money if the product is deemed to be misleading, inaccurate, false, or in violation of the terms of agreement. NotesVilla will not refund if you have simply changed your mind, purchased the wrong product, do not have the technology to access the resource, or no longer wish to access it. All sales are final once a Buyer confirms a purchase.

Yes, you can edit all the meta data such as title, resource for, additional information etc, but you will not be able to edit your study notes online.

To download a file on NotesVilla, you will need to purchase. There are two ways to purchase these:

  • · Credits let you purchase and download content as needed.
  • · Credits are available in pre-set packs that let you save when you buy larger quantities.

If you have got a one-off need for notes, we make it easy to get single Notes.

  • · Go to the file's detailed information page
  • · Click "Download this Note"
  • · You will be redirected to our plans and pricing page

Buy just the credits you need under the single image option (1 credit for any Essentials Note, 3 credits for any Signature Note). Once you complete your purchase, simply return to the file, and click "Download this Notes" once more to get the file.

Credits are like NotesVilla’s very own currency and can be used to download any file on NotesVilla – including educational resources such as syllabuses course contents, lecture/course notes, case studies, research papers, and lesson plans. Credits are sold in pre-set packs – the larger the credit pack, the less you will pay per credit. View credit pack pricing.

No although you will have to have available credits to purchase each set of notes.

Ummmmm, no. Unfortunately, that would lead to people copying the notes from the screen and would defeat the purpose of the NotesVilla marketplace, as such you will only ever see a preview before purchase.

The notes you buy are available for as long as your account is active. The only exception to this is the original owner of the notes removes it from the system, as the note remains their intellectual property the removal of it would mean that it would deleted from the server and from any account that had purchased it.

When setting a price for your individual resource, you need to think of the time and effort you have applied to develop it and who the product is aimed to - Students or Educators. The number of pages and the amount of time the resource is completed will also affect the cost. Single page, 5-minute class tasks will be lower priced to whole term, whole year multi page resources. A quick search on NotesVilla for similar products is also an excellent way to ascertain the value of your work, however, each product is unique. Use others as a guide, but not your direction.

All commissions are paid on a fortnightly basis (by the Friday British Standard Time) through Braintree payment gateway. Ensure your details up to date so we can pay in a promptly manner. Allow 24-48 hours for funds to be transferred.

All commissions are paid on a fortnightly basis (by the Friday British Standard Time) through Braintree payment gateway.

Taxes are applicable against any earning as per the law in your country of residence at the time of earning, it is your responsibility as the earner to declare these and pay the relevant taxes.

No, because you need to be registered to purchase and sell notes. Although you can still view all the notes that he been uploaded. It is important that all registered users use their real details as it will be associated with their banking details.

No although we do check and verify the quality of the notes that are uploaded so you need to ensure that any notes uploaded are of good quality and verifiable content.

All our notes on the platform are reviewed and approved (QA) by NV Editor in Chief (EiC).

Note: We need to make sure that we have clear set of metrics (for example the number of days it takes to review the notes to set our users expectations.

Yes, by click the user menu on the top right and select setting to change details associated with your account. 

Membership is currently not being offered as part of the MVP phase; we are aiming for membership to be aligned with the implementation of office 365 integrations. Or the mentor services.

Yes absolutely, if the notes submitted for upload are all the authors own work then the transaction is legal. Think of it like a large study group – picking up different perspectives from lots of members. The ultimate use of those notes, the opinions you form and the arguments you create are all your own.

Although all notes on the platform go through our quality assurance process and policy, we cannot ensure that the information supplied is what you are looking for. That is why it is important that all sellers fill in the mandatory fields and provide as much as possible to help buyers find the right note or resource. We need to make sure that we have clear set of metrics (for example the number of days it takes to review the notes and clear


To activate an account, you will need to register either by email address or Facebook account. Once registered you will need verify their account either by clicking on an email link or mobile phone verification code.


To deactivate your account, you will need to go to settings and select deactivate.

NotesVilla Editor-in-Chief (EIC) checks that the notes are appropriate for the marketplace and is sufficiently original and interesting. If not, the notes may be rejected without being reviewed any further. The editor checks the notes composition and arrangement against NotesVilla’s Seller Guidelines to make sure it includes the required sections and stylizations. The quality of the notes is are assessed at this point. 

Yes, we use Braintree payment gateway for all transactions.

After registering for a new account, you can use the “My Referrals” feature (available from a link located within the My Account portal) to receive a unique-to-you Promo Link. When new members register using this link, your NotesVilla account will receive 1 referral credit, added to your balance, provided that the individual associated with the new account has not previously opened any account through the Service. Please note that new member must use this Promo Link directly when they sign up to qualify. NotesVilla reserves the right to withhold payment or demand refunds from individual users who attempt to open multiple accounts using such Promo Links.

Referrals will be given to users as reward credits and added to their balance by looking up the referring User’s name in the virtual terminal and issuing them reward credits during the referred User’s transaction. A Referral is N points.

NotesVilla (NV) Loyalty Reward Credit System (LRCS) is a program established to reward educators and students for performing specific actions such as purchasing, selling, subscribing, rating, and reviewing. As a way of showing our appreciation, we are rewarding our users with reward credits that accumulate into a redeemable credit value to use towards rewards, discounts, and promotions. This puts our users in the driver’s seat with the freedom to use their rewards Credit Value balance at any time they see fit.

    Credits never expire when you use your NotesVilla account once a year. Using your account is as easy as signing into your account.

    Unused credit packs can be returned for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. If any credits from a credit pack have been used, no refunds will be offered.

    Please let us know if you can’t find an answer to your question.