Five Easy Ways to Achieve NotesVilla Success

Here at NotesVilla we strive to continuously add value to our learning community and improve our academic performance for our subscribers. We want you, as our authors and users, to receive excellent study notes and superb revision materials that we are proud to have shared in our community via our learning platform. 

We value your time and we value your efforts. We don’t want to turn down submitted study notes and revision materials that you’ve created. We want and need you in our NotesVilla team. 

Follow these five easy steps when you submit study notes and enjoy the academic and financial success that follows:

1. Submit original work. If you are copying and pasting a university lecture that everyone has access to then it isn’t your work and it will be rejected. Of course, draw on your own knowledge and prior learning that you have acquired from multiple sources. This may include referring to lecture notes, books, validated websites and research papers, but don’t copy. Be sure that you fully understand the study notes and revision materials that you’re submitting. 

2. Don’t plagiarise. Linked to the above. It is sometimes difficult to be certain whether something you have created is original or not. In simple terms, you must always acknowledge where you are specifically using an individual’s idea or knowledge within your revision note. You wouldn’t steal their T.V – don’t steal their idea!  If you use a clear referencing system for quotations, ideas, images and diagrams then you are demonstrating that you have integrity and are academically honest -  if this is the case then you don’t need to get hung up on plagiarism. We appreciate that everyone has their preferred referencing system. We’re not picky, though we do like Harvard! What matters to us at NotesVilla is that we share our learning in an honest way.

3. Include as much detail as possible on the upload form. If you don’t say who the notes will be useful for; don’t put the level of detail they contain and don’t include a detailed introduction/abstract then users won’t buy them. Think about the level of detail, amount of information and knowledge that you require from study notes and revision materials. Think about how you need to be able to navigate yourself quickly and efficiently to the notes relevant to your study. By completing the upload form properly you are reducing the likelihood of having your notes rejected and are applying the same high standards to others as you would to yourself. 

4. Present your notes professionally. The absolute minimum that your typed (not handwritten) study notes and revision materials should have  the following:

  • A clear heading outlining the topic and the level of study it is useful for (e.g. BA, M.Sc.)
  • A detailed introduction and abstract summarising what the notes are for and are about
  • Subheadings guiding the learner through the information in a clear and logical manner
  • Clear labelled and referenced diagrams, charts and images as required 
  • Citations or footnotes for any direct quotations
  • Clear and accurate references to any specific resources, authors or websites used to create the notes.

5. Create Quality Content. Always keep in mind what you want the learner to understand from your study notes. It should be clear to the user when they read the introduction the purpose of the notes. Here at NotesVilla we value excellence. If something doesn’t quite make sense to you then it won’t make sense to the user. Be direct, logical and clear. We welcome writers for whom English isn’t their first language, but ask that submissions are checked carefully to ensure that they are grammatically accurate. Ultimately, it saves time for you and us to have high quality content created at the outset. 

6. Read the Frequently Asked Questions. We all welcome constructive criticism – but only to a point! It’s frustrating for authors to have their work returned as substandard. If we are honest, it is also frustrating for our editorial team to get to the end of reviewing an author’s work, to find that they have made a series of errors that could have been easily avoided if only the author had invested a few minutes reading the Frequently Asked Questions. It saves everyone’s time to invest a few moments fully understanding the platform; its purpose, goals and aims. If you need anything cleared up further, then contact us on our chat line. 

Know that we at NotesVilla want to collaborate cooperatively with you in creating this wonderful learning platform. Please resist sending abusive emails or comments if you get work returned. Let’s collaborate and work cooperatively to produce the best revision materials and study notes possible and earn you credits and cash while doing so. 

If you take pride in creating excellent quality revision notes and study materials, then we at NotesVilla are proud to have you on our team.

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