Notetaking Masterclass

29 Nov, 2021

I think we can all agree that note taking during classes and lectures is a key part of the learning process – and unless you’re lucky to have a photographic memory, it’s a necessity.

The biggest challenge students face is copying down the sheer volume of information that a lecturer is presenting you with, without missing anything and whilst still trying to actively listen and understand.

We’ve pulled together a list of the most common abbreviations and annotation tricks to help speed up note taking and make the process that much simpler!

approx.: Approximately

b/c: Because

b/4: Before

bk.: Book

C: (e.g. 21C for ‘twenty-first century’)

c.: Approximately, roughly, about (abbreviation for the Latin ‘circa’)

cf.: Compared to, in comparison with

cp.: Compare

def.: Definition

diff.: Different, difference

ea.: Each

e.g.: For example

fr.: From

etc.: And so on

i.e.: That is, that means, in other words

impt.: Important

NB: Important, notice this, note well

nec.: Necessary

re.: Regarding, about

sim.: Similar

s/t: Something

T.: Theory, theoretical

tho’: Though

thro’: Through

w/: With

w/o: Without

viz.: Namely, that is to say

v.: Very

vv.: Extremely

vs.: Against

ppl: People

res: Research

natl: National

eqn: Equation

ed: Education

dep: Department

esp: Especially

ustand: Understand

Am.: Morning

Pm.: Afternoon

asap: As soon as possible

Wrt: With respect to

=ity: Equality

evryt: Everything

infl: Influence

r.: Rate (i.e. birth r.)

devel: Development

expl: Explanation

trad: Traditional

cult: Cultural

instit: Institution

justific: Justification

nt: Nothing

lrg: Large

soc.: Social or society

Stats: Statistics

Am’t: Amount

educat’l: Educational

subj: Subject

cons: Conservative

ind: Individual

ckg: Checking

estg: Establishing

Expting: Experimenting

bkgd: Background

ppd: Prepared

prblm: Problem

C19: Nineteenth century; similarly C20 etc.

1920s: i.e. 1920-1929; similarly 1970s etc.

Ltd: Limited

max.: Maximum

min.: Minimum

G.B.: Great Britain

U.K: United Kingdom

Eng.: English

Brit.: British

Sts: Students

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