Maintaining health and fitness while you're In University

Higher education can be very demanding for you as a student. You will have demanding classes, group work, projects, and exams. That's already enough for those just taking classes. Some are also working or raising families, adding to a very chaotic and full schedule.

That’s why it’s important to have the right amount of energy to handle everything and that’s through a healthy and active lifestyle.

Think Healthy

The first step is to be conscious of it. Know when you're about to eat poorly or remember the last time you were properly active. Work towards actively trying to change that and develop positive and healthy habits that will become commonplace for you.

Manage your Stress

One of the main factors of overeating or being a couch potato is increased stress levels. Work on actively managing your stress and anxiety that leads you to compensate with unhealthy habits. Stress can also make you feel ill and in some cases retain more fat than usual. If you drink or smoke, just know that those will add to stress levels and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Mindful of your eating

You’re always on the go. That means convenience is your friend. Fast food, take out, instant food, they are all there to get you calories so you can get back to your busy lifestyle.

Universities also have cafeterias that are akin to buffets where you just eat away your worries and drink a load of sugared drinks while studying for your next exam or finishing that paper. Remember to think healthy and look at every food choice you make. Consider that yogurt or salad instead of that giant burger or pizza slice.

Use the chaos to keep active

You’re going from place A to B and back. Use that to exercise. If you can, bike to University, or at least park away far enough that you can get in a good thirty minutes of walking to your classes.

You're in higher education so use that critical thinking for ways to work out and exercise whenever you're on the go. This will keep you healthy and energized for whatever project is coming due.

Don’t go it alone

As you make friends in University you can also have them become your health partner. Work together to keep each other in check. Use technology and apps to keep it tracked. This is a great way to keep the routine going.

Share meals with them so you can keep each other in check. Track your progress and celebrate milestones together. There’s no need in this interconnected world to not go down this route.

Remember you're building life-changing habits

Once you can master your health and fitness while having a hectic schedule with your advanced degree programs and life mixing, you set yourself up for an overall healthy lifestyle for your life after you’re done.

If you’re able to build these positive and mindful habits to track what you eat, monitor your habits, stay away from harmful substances, then you will be able to continue them.

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