Living without your parents for the first time

29 Apr, 2021

As exciting as it is, moving out of your parents’ house can be a little daunting. But you’ll soon get into the swing of it. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. 1. Have a regular cleaning schedule

It can be very tempting to never clean a thing because no one is telling you to anymore. But you’ll end up living in a mess much quicker than you expect. It will help to have a regular cleaning schedule. As it’s only you in your room, you only need to clean it once every week or two so pick a day and stick to it. If you’ve got a private bathroom, same thing. If your bathroom is shared, maybe have a chat with your flatmates about taking it in turns to clean it once a week. In your kitchen, the best tactic here is to clean as you go. The last thing you want is mouldy food festering.

  1. 2. Learn some quick, easy meals

Speaking of food, how is your cooking? If you aren’t a confident chef, never fear. There are plenty of quick, easy meals out there that aren’t just oven pizzas and chips. Go online and see what you can find. You could even cook something as a flat and try something more adventurous!

  1. 3. Feeling homesick?

It’s completely normal to feel homesick, if it’s your first time away from your parents. Luckily, we live in a world with many ways of contacting each other, so give your parents a ring! They would love a video call with you. You might also be missing your group of friends from home, in which case organise a group video chat. You could do a quiz together or play drinking games? The options are endless.

Don’t worry, you’ll get used to living without your parents. They did it once, too! You’re also not alone, the rest of your flat might have the exact same feelings as you, so lean on each other and remember to have fun.

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