Student Life - 8 things to do with your Free Time

30 Apr, 2021

Here are 8 things you could do with your free time:

1. Spend time with your flatmates

    If you get on with some of the members in your flat, why not hang out with them? You could chat, play board games, or have a party with just you guys.

    2. Go on walks

      This could be on your own, with people you live with, or socially distant with one other person you don’t live with.

      3. Watch TV

        Whether you watch one episode of something a night or binge a series in one sitting.

        4. Play games online

          Whichever games console you prefer, there will be others who use it, too. You can connect with them online and play games together.

          5. Read a book

            Getting lost in a book can be a great way to unwind.

            6. Video calls with family and friends from home

              If you miss people from home, have a quick video chat or a party online!

              7. Self-care

                Whatever this may mean for you, maybe a face mask or a long relaxing bath/shower.

                8. Join a club

                  Even though there’s a pandemic, online clubs are still available at student unions. And once things open up, you’ll be able to all meet in person!

                  We hope the above options are ones you’ll enjoy and maybe even trigger some more ideas of what you can do to still have fun.

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