Top Tips for Exam Prep!

29 Nov, 2021

It would be amazing if we could just turn up for an exam and all the knowledge we need, that we have learnt over the years would be there, ready to access easily but for most people that’s not the case! Therefore, it’s important to have a good system when preparing for exams so these are our top eight steps in order to get your exam ready.

Number 1

Organise your study space so you are not distracted by clutter and can access everything you need easily

Number 2

Use flowcharts and diagrams to record information you need to remember as it’s easier for the brain to recall images

Number 3

Practise on old exam papers so you know the sort of questions to expect and the sort of answers they’re looking for

Number 4

Talk your answers through with a friend – often explaining to someone else can help you make sense of a concept

Number 5

Form a study group with others, it’s easy to get distracted so having other people to keep you focussed can really help

Number 6

Take regular breaks, no one can maintain a high level of focus all the time so stop often to recharge and reset

Number 7

Eat foods that encourage brain function and try to avoid empty carbs or too much sugar which reduces concentration

Number 8

Plan the day of the exam so you know where you have to be and when – and try to avoid last minute cramming as it won’t help!

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