8 Student Hacks

30 Nov, 2021

It's challenging enough being a college student, here are some hacks that will make the life of every student a little easier this semester.

1. Always remember your schedule 

      Set the lock screen on your phone as a picture of your schedule. Or print out a hard copy to have a backup. Make sure to track the location of your classes in advance to avoid being late.

      2. Find Good Tutors 

      We can't stress this enough. When you feel like you might need some help, contact the department of the course you are taking and ask for their list of tutors. Don't wait until you are falling behind to contact your tutor. If you know you struggle with a certain subject, start the semester knowing a list of tutors available to help.

      3. Use office hours 

      Most departments require that the professor/instructor maintain regularly scheduled office hours. This is your sign to take advantage of that free one-on-one time. Find out what the office hours are early in the semester and force yourself to visit. You will be able to ask questions about assignments, clarify any confusing material, or simply get to know your instructor can help you feel more comfortable asking questions.

      4. Buy/Rent Used Textbooks

      When you enroll in a class, find out what books are required. If you absolutely must purchase a textbook, consider renting it from Amazon or Chegg. Also, find out if a digital copy is available. 

      5. Have some dark chocolate

      If you have trouble concentrating on your studies, eating dark chocolate can help because it contains agents that send chemicals to your brain that help you focus and concentrate on a task.

      6. Use the Wellness Center

      It's common for students to slip into unhealthy habits during college. Maintaining your healthy lifestyle will pay off! Engaging in some sort of exercise can help relieve some stress and offer a distraction from academics. Besides, when you take the time to care for your body, you are more likely to have the energy you need to handle all your student responsibilities.

      7. Pick the right roommate

      You are about to embark on an exciting, fun, and transformative experience, and a good roommate can be an essential part of that. Make sure that you surround yourself with people who fit your personality and whose values align with your own. Nothing is worse than having the wrong living situation throughout the semester. It’s important to evaluate someone’s living style and habits before deciding to live with them right out of the gate. You may even decide that living by yourself is the best option for you.

      8. . Some helpful apps and websites

      There are some great apps and websites that you should consider using to keep yourself working at a high level of efficiency. Some of them include:

      • SlugBooks
      • Google Scholar
      • Rate My Professors
      • Citation Machine
      • Khan Academy
      • Microsoft OneNote
      • Photomath
      • camscanner
      • istudiez Pro

      Take advantage of these hacks and charge headlong into the college experience you deserve!

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