Physics notes on MODELS OF THE ATOM- IGCSE/A Level/IB

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Physics note on MODELS OF THE ATOM- IGCSE/A Level/IB Physics Notes

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Physics note on MODELS OF THE ATOM- IGCSE/A Level/IB Physics Notes

(1) The five main atomic models
(2) Dalton's atomic model
(3) Postulates of Dalton’s Atomic Theory
(4) Limitations of Dalton’s Atomic Theory
(5) Thomson's model of atom
(6) Plum Pudding Atomic Theory
(7) Limitations of Thomson’s Atomic Model
(8) Rutherford’s Atomic Model
(9) Rutherford Atomic Structure
(10) Experiment with the Rutherford Atomic Model
(11) Rutherford Model Experiment Results
(12) Bohr Atomic Model
(13) Limitations of Bohr Atomic Model Theory
(14) Quantum atomic model
(15) Features of quantum mechanical model

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