Nuclear Thermal Rockets (NTRs)

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The Chemical Engineering Profession is not limited, here we are making a
large jump to link between Chemical Engineering and Space.

Additional information

As the founders of this Project, we are predicting that all chemical
engineering subjects can be destroyed as the mass is not constant in modern
physics. This makes the known chemical engineering equations to be
In this project, we have used all our knowledge in chemical engineering
from the most important subjects like Reaction Kinetics, Thermodynamics,
Mass and Heat transfer, Modeling and Simulation, all these has been linked
to space things.
Here, we reveal secrets which can’t be found in any place and a strong
explanations and derivations of equations have been made by our own
Here your mind will make a new beginning to an end but will not end the
previous beginning.
This Project is given to all Chemical Engineers because it shows basic
things like material and energy balance, Design, Control, and many other
things linked together with space.
This Project is done using all our power, our knowledge, and specially all
our feelings.
With all these things, all of us made a nice touch to this project.
Paul Dirac united the Theory of Relativity with Quantum Mechanics, so here we
also united Chemical Engineering Flux Equation with the Theory of Relativity.
Our equation can be used in Particle Accelerators as an example.
A Mystery in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry has been solved lastly.
Since Modern Physics has appeared, many equations like kinetic, Momentum, and
many more equations need to be correlated because they are classical equations.
Chemical Engineering Equations always deal with keeping the mass constant but
assume we are traveling near the speed of light then these equations need to be
Also since mass can be converted to energy, then all Mass Transfer Equations are
having the same coin as the Heat Transfer Equations.
We delivered flux equations for materials moving with small velocities up to the
limit which is the velocity of the speed of light which is very high.
ENJOY Our ABLS Equation!